Windshield Wiper Performance Comparison

Last year, I bought three different brands of windshield wipers for my wife’s minivan and my vehicle. I put on her driver’s side a Bosch (most $$$$) wiper and on the passenger side a Rain X ($$$) wiper. On the driver side of my vehicle I put on a Rain X ($$$) and the passenger . . . → Read More: Windshield Wiper Performance Comparison

C#, MVVM and my Toolbox

A group of compatriots and myself have been diving into C# and the .NET platform. I thought I was a programmer and have realized not even. We have been ‘studying’ from Troelsen’s C# 2010 and the .NET Platform and its a mere 1700+ pages. Not too mention most chapters (or groups of concepts) are only . . . → Read More: C#, MVVM and my Toolbox