Watch out for the SPIDER CHICKEN!! Ahhh…

Watch out for the spider chicken!!! Read more about it here on Yahoo!

Mill & Lathe Coordinate System

This is from the manuals and sometimes I need reminding of the coordinate system used for a mill and definitely a lathe. I find this to be a good reference that I seem to misplace… I originally had a link to the linuxcnc documentation, but the links changed. Check out the website for . . . → Read More: Mill & Lathe Coordinate System

Supermax moving with LinuxCNC!

Finally! After several years of wanting to retro-fit my Supermax mill, here’s a simple video of motion using LinuxCNC.

I did have some issues Tuning and plan to update that at some point, but this was a success in it’s own (at least I thought so!).


Why Honey Bees Make Great Pets!

I personally don’t have any Honey Bees as a pet, but if you think about how nice of a pet they could be, I think you’ll agree.

1. They are furry.

2. They can lift 300 times their body weight, which could come in handy when moving furniture or doing odd jobs around the . . . → Read More: Why Honey Bees Make Great Pets!

LinuxCNC Rigid Tapping Encoder Mount??

I finally got my mill running and it would be a good idea to add an encoder to the spindle to use the rigid tapping feature in LinuxCNC. I really like Jon Elson’s method of putting Photo-eyes ‘in’ his Bridgeport head to monitor the speed & position of the bull gear, but that seems like . . . → Read More: LinuxCNC Rigid Tapping Encoder Mount??