Useful 3d Printer Projects

Who says you only print toys with a 3D printer?

Here are a few examples of useful, practical 3D printer projects used around the home or the shop.

TOOL HOLDER – Organizer

I’m a big fan of the Stanley organizers because they’re stack-able and come in 2 different sizes.  I have several of the organizers pictured below and one of the deeper ones as well.   One issue that I run into is that the boxes that come with the organizers might not be the right size.  I wanted to store a tool along with the hardware and 3D printed a tool holder and box above it.  I haven’t moved the parts to the box above it, but it sure fits in nicely.





The tab on the laptop cooler broke off and a new 3D printer piece replaced the broken one.

3D Printer20150520_152000 20150520_152025


Here’s a cable-slicer that I haven’t finished, but it will slice a cable longitudinally with a razor blade in the lever piece.  Needs a tad bit refining, but should be an economical cable slicer:

20160320_110049 20160320_110058


Here’s an encoder box I made for my milling machine.   Note how many tries it took because I wanted to put in screws to hold on the lid.  I had to keep making the holes a little larger to accept the screws and not crack the part.  Eventually, I nailed it and made a decent housing.

Although I don’t show it very explicitly (will update), I made more than the just an encoder box.  I also made mechanical parts that hold a magnet and are driven by the shaft of the spindle motor.  You can see some of the iterations in teh pictures below and the top ‘fan’ of the spindle motor.

20160110_124051 20160108_165651 20160108_165613 20151114_075648 20151113_145202 20151113_145113


I had stuffed a bunch of manila folders into a ‘sideways’ bankers box to organize frequently used files.  The only problem is that they would slide in the box to one corner and not stand up and it didn’t work very well.  So, I designed and tray with upside-down “U”s and now the manila folders stay put nicely.   The tray slides nicely back into the bankers box and you wouldn’t know it’s there.



OK, this might not fit the ‘useful’ category, but pretty cool category…  And, stackable!   Note the difference in color between different filament manufacturer’s.  I’d say the light blue is a little cheap, but when I bought it, 3D printing was more or less starting out.  Now, much deeper blue.


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