Alley-way Planters Box

We put a basketball hoop in the back alley-way and the ball would smash the plants in the planters box.  Kinda like plants vs. zombies, but the other way, basketballs vs. plants and the basketballs dominated.

Image of alleyway and bird feeder

So, I beefed up the planters boxes and added a deflector rod for the ball.  Needless to say, the deflector rod vibrates like mad, but that vibration does a great job of suppressing the force from the basketball and it doesn’t bounce to high or hard off the deflector.  I do worry someone will step on it and break it.   I might add a support in the middle, but for now it works well.  See pics:

Alley way planters box image alley way planters box imagealley way planters box image

I did have an issue with the ‘deflectors’ cracking.  Why?  Because I didn’t pre-drill a pilot hole for the wood screw.  Lesson learned:  Always, always, always, pre-drill a pilot hole for wood…

image of split wood - drill first

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