Ask Vic Question Posted!

Ahh, hahaha…  I got a question posted to Ask Vic on the website.  Hahahaha…

In case the article is taken down, here’s the question:

Mark from Fremont, CA

I’d bet a thing vs. a beer that our esteemed friends of “Ask Vic” cannot pick the first draft pick Ted takes. Ted’s too good and we’re not. I’ve tried to speculate who he’d pick and it might be easier to win the lottery.

Vic – I only have one thing and I won’t risk losing it, but if I had two things I’d bet my thing you’re right.

A little background, a ‘thing’ is a give-a-way item that Vic had given to his readers when they asked good questions, etc.   No-one really knew what it did, but it did go on a key chain, but other than that it was apparently useless…

Also, this question was posted off-season when it was a slow packers’ news day, hence the higher probability it was chosen:-)

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