Bandsaw Woes…

I had a minor problem running in for dinner with my Harbor Freight 4×6 bandsaw one evening.  I had left the stock chucked in the bandsaw and it was sticking out of the threshold of the garage.  When the garage door came down as I ran in for dinner, the garage door sent the band saw flying and broke the pivot bracket:-(

I’m really glad the band saw came assembled with the Pivot Bracket installed originally.  It was a 2-person job and not easy to get everything lined up and then positioned correctly.

20151008_221500 20151008_221514 20151017_191918 20151107_113158 20151107_113214

I tried a JET bandsaw pivot bracket because I could get the part faster, but it ended up not being the same size and angle!  Once I got an email back from Harbor Freight, they had the part and it was really inexpensive and came in about 1 week.

20160105_113740 20160105_113732 20160105_113722

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