Bird Feeder in Alleyway

I’ve had this bird feeder up for quite some time now and it’s worked well.  The birds are picky little things and will pick through the feed until they get what they want, which means much of the seed ends up in the alley way.  But, that’s what the Morning Doves, squirrels, and other birds will pick at.   The main drawback is that shucked sun-flower seeds end up in the alley way and are a bit of a mess.  These birds need to clean up after themselves!!

The parts besides the bird feeder are a $5 2×4 (pressure treated), a $2 conduit (1/2″), a couple $0.88 conduit mounts, $1 plastic ends (to protect twine/cable), a bunch of deck screws, and twine I had.  The twine, of course, broke after about 1 year (pretty good I thought) and I replaced it with Stainless steel plastic coated cable.  Yeah – that works great!!  Oh, I bought some ‘ends’ for the cable to create the loops and screw type cable clamps to secure the bird feeder and a loop on the opposite securing end.  I don’t have pix of those, but go to a hardware store and pick through their stuff in the cable section.  If you need pix, comment below and I can help.

I don’t have a picture of it, but I secure the cable to a screw near the ground on the 4×4 fence post.  I’ve been thinking about putting in a ‘loop’ type holder with two screws, one at about waist high and the other back up near where the cable goes into the 1/2″ conduit.  This way, I don’t have to bend all the way to the ground and can be a tad lazier:-)

Cad model:

cad model image of bird feeder

Bird feeder filled and ready for dinner:

picture of bird feeder off fence

I’m waiting for some kid to come along and knock it down..  So far so good…  I think part of the deterrent has been that it is pretty high and you wouldn’t be able to reach it on your bicycle with out a good jousting lacrosse stick or other implement.

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