C#, MVVM and my Toolbox

A group of compatriots and myself have been diving into C# and the .NET platform.  I thought I was a programmer and have realized not even.  We have been ‘studying’ from Troelsen’s C# 2010 and the .NET Platform and its a mere 1700+ pages.   Not too mention most chapters (or groups of concepts) are only introductions and you need to buy an entirely new dedicated book (or search the web) for subjects such as WPF, ADO.NET EF, and ASP.NET.  However, that being said, I can throw down some basic LINQ and SELECT what I want FROM WHERE I want:-)  (That’s what most people call a bad LINQ joke…)

We’ve taken a deep dive into MVVM (Model·View·ModelView) pattern.  There’s quite a bit out there and we’ve stumbled on the Caliburn project and the blog comments by Rob Eisenberg.  Not too mention the write ups on Code Project.  So, at this point, the whole MVVM concept is foggy and led me to my Toolbox quote:

I have all the tools, just that I forgot they were in the tool box and the instructions were misplaced!

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