C# MVVM Tutorial 1 – Step by Step WPF Application with MVVMLight

I put together a MVVM tutorial for WPF using Laurent Bugnion’s MVVMLight Toolkit.   This tutorial is for beginners (like me!) as I struggled to piece a workable MVVM light application together.  There are many tutorials, but some are for Windows Phones or don’t have exactly what we wanted for WPF.  I am still wondering why I’m messing around with MVVM, but it seems to be the way to go with WPF .

An IMPORTANT NOTE about the tutorial.  I started out very meticulous in piecing it together, but at 1am and rather tired and wondering ‘who’ I was really putting the tutorial together, I accelerated my notes.  It is very much usable and ‘all there,’ but not as meticulous as it was at the beginning.

Tutorial 1 – Step by Step WPF Application with MVVMLight is in PDF format mainly because converting the MS Word file to WordPress was excruciating (formatting would not cooperate).

Here is the working SOURCE CODE for Tutorial 1.


Here are some Links, although I’m guessing if you found this you probably found many of the links below:

Laurent’s MVVM Page:  http://www.galasoft.ch/mvvm/

Laurent’s blog here:  http://blog.galasoft.ch/category/10201.aspx



This looks like the same thing on CodeProject.  Looks like it was just published…  I just found it!


That’s all for my MVVM tutorial for now….

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