Fresh HOPS!

Here’s one project I can do without… But, I think we’ll try to grow some hops in the front yard.

Here’s the ‘before’ shot on March 31, 2016. My wife likes this picture the best, I think:

I plan to run a couple plants parallel across the front yard and have the lanyards (??) . . . → Read More: Fresh HOPS!

Watch out for the SPIDER CHICKEN!! Ahhh…

Watch out for the spider chicken!!! Read more about it here on Yahoo!

Why Honey Bees Make Great Pets!

I personally don’t have any Honey Bees as a pet, but if you think about how nice of a pet they could be, I think you’ll agree.

1. They are furry.

2. They can lift 300 times their body weight, which could come in handy when moving furniture or doing odd jobs around the . . . → Read More: Why Honey Bees Make Great Pets!

Compost Bin Start!

My wife and I always wanted a compost bin. When I looked at them at the hardware store, they were large plastic boxes that cost $100 or more. Seemed too expensive for me to throw trash in. We had some extra shipping boxes at work and viola – the beginning of the compost bin.

After . . . → Read More: Compost Bin Start!