First Girzzly G1550 Lathe parts

small 1/2" hubes, 3mm diameter

Took too long but finally first parts off the Grizzly G1550 lathe! A made a trio of pulleys and some stand-offs for the Crock-pot.

The pulleys are for a spinner box bot for my son and the crock-pot stands off for my precious crock pot. Although, the darn crock pot designer should have to live . . . → Read More: First Girzzly G1550 Lathe parts

Guys Changing Tires While Driving

change tire while driving image

This is just plum crazy!! Wow!

Toyota 2004 to 2010 Jack Stand Positions

sienna jack stand image side

Don’t use a wimpy jack stand!! Ugh… 2 ton Jack stands are scary! I suppose they work great for a ’69 VW Bug, but not so much for a 2004 minivan.

From the manual, where to jack up and support your Toyota, note the 2WD or 4WD versions have different jack points in the rear:

. . . → Read More: Toyota 2004 to 2010 Jack Stand Positions

Ridgeline Jack Positions (IE Lift and Support Points)

There are usually 6 positions to jack up a car, the 4 sides by each tire and one each for front and rear axle (or close to it). Couple of notes about jacking up a Honda Ridgeline, there are many complaints at the Ridgeline Owners Club website that the standard bottle jack with the truck . . . → Read More: Ridgeline Jack Positions (IE Lift and Support Points)

Will.I.Am Custom Car

blue custom car

Whoa – I like custom cars and I really like ‘old’ style customs like Excaliburs. Here’s a car I ran across and apparently owned by Will.I.Am, love the long snout on it!

I like the flat looking blue paint, which is a little different. And, then it looks like a car from a cartoon, but . . . → Read More: Will.I.Am Custom Car

Bird Feeder in Alleyway

picture of bird feeder off fence

I’ve had this bird feeder up for quite some time now and it’s worked well. The birds are picky little things and will pick through the feed until they get what they want, which means much of the seed ends up in the alley way. But, that’s what the Morning Doves, squirrels, and other birds . . . → Read More: Bird Feeder in Alleyway

Fresh HOPS!

Here’s one project I can do without… But, I think we’ll try to grow some hops in the front yard.

Here’s the ‘before’ shot on March 31, 2016. My wife likes this picture the best, I think:

I plan to run a couple plants parallel across the front yard and have the lanyards (??) . . . → Read More: Fresh HOPS!

Warriors NBA Trophy

nba trophy at warriors game

I had the pleasure of going to a Warriors game during the 2015-2016 season when they were NBA Champions and the suite next to the one I was in had the NBA trophy! Some guy TOOK my phone and then took those pix… Sweet…

Oh, and yes we went to the game:

. . . → Read More: Warriors NBA Trophy

Alley-way Planters Box

We put a basketball hoop in the back alley-way and the ball would smash the plants in the planters box. Kinda like plants vs. zombies, but the other way, basketballs vs. plants and the basketballs dominated.

So, I beefed up the planters boxes and added a deflector rod for the ball. Needless to say, . . . → Read More: Alley-way Planters Box

Useful 3d Printer Projects

Who says you only print toys with a 3D printer?

Here are a few examples of useful, practical 3D printer projects used around the home or the shop.

TOOL HOLDER – Organizer

I’m a big fan of the Stanley organizers because they’re stack-able and come in 2 different sizes. I have several of the organizers . . . → Read More: Useful 3d Printer Projects