Guys Changing Tires While Driving

change tire while driving image

This is just plum crazy!! Wow!

Toyota 2004 to 2010 Jack Stand Positions

sienna jack stand image side

Don’t use a wimpy jack stand!! Ugh… 2 ton Jack stands are scary! I suppose they work great for a ’69 VW Bug, but not so much for a 2004 minivan.

From the manual, where to jack up and support your Toyota, note the 2WD or 4WD versions have different jack points in the rear:

. . . → Read More: Toyota 2004 to 2010 Jack Stand Positions

Ridgeline Jack Positions (IE Lift and Support Points)

There are usually 6 positions to jack up a car, the 4 sides by each tire and one each for front and rear axle (or close to it). Couple of notes about jacking up a Honda Ridgeline, there are many complaints at the Ridgeline Owners Club website that the standard bottle jack with the truck . . . → Read More: Ridgeline Jack Positions (IE Lift and Support Points)

Will.I.Am Custom Car

blue custom car

Whoa – I like custom cars and I really like ‘old’ style customs like Excaliburs. Here’s a car I ran across and apparently owned by Will.I.Am, love the long snout on it!

I like the flat looking blue paint, which is a little different. And, then it looks like a car from a cartoon, but . . . → Read More: Will.I.Am Custom Car

Oil Change List for Toyota Sienna


This is a list of items I use for changing the oil for our 2004 Toyota Sienna. I’ll add to it as I get some pictures (at some point).

Sienna takes nearly one whole 5 Qt jug of Mobil One.

Oil: Mobil One Synthetic 5W30, 75K High Mileage, 5 Qt Oil Filter: Fram PH3614 -> . . . → Read More: Oil Change List for Toyota Sienna

Oil Change for 2006 Honda Ridgeline


I am a little stubborn and got to changing my oil a few years back and do it for 2 reasons.

The quick-change places tend to over-tighten the oil plug and strip out the threads of the oil pan. They conveniently asked me to fix the problem for about $200. Thanks for your concern. This . . . → Read More: Oil Change for 2006 Honda Ridgeline

Windshield Wiper Performance Comparison


Last year, I bought three different brands of windshield wipers for my wife’s minivan and my vehicle. I put on her driver’s side a Bosch (most $$$$) wiper and on the passenger side a Rain X ($$$) wiper. On the driver side of my vehicle I put on a Rain X ($$$) and the passenger . . . → Read More: Windshield Wiper Performance Comparison