Infinity Switch for Samsung FTQ353IWUX Stove-top

I’m sure some marketing ding-bat came up with the term infinity switch. I didn’t know there was such a thing until I started researching the stove top issue we had, which was the two right burners would only stay on high, no matter what setting you turned the knob.

Turn the knob to Low, and . . . → Read More: Infinity Switch for Samsung FTQ353IWUX Stove-top

Zoneminder Installation

Zoneminder is an opensource security camera system that is configurable and scalable. For my home system, it’s probably overkill, however I feel learning how to install, setup, and use it will be advantageous for future installations and expand my general Linux capabilities. Here are my step by step instructions to install Zoneminder onto a Linux . . . → Read More: Zoneminder Installation

Stump Removal

Ugh – Stump Removal. Not an easy job.

We had some trees that ‘just started growing’ in the back yard and it was time to find a place for at least one of them, which means the stump in the front yard had to go. I had secretly hoped the stump would take care of . . . → Read More: Stump Removal

Cat Checking out Bird Feeder

We have a bird feeder in the back and a neighborhood cat came by to check it out one day.


We had a beautiful Rainbow with the El Nino Storms. The picture doesn’t do the rainbow justice as at one point there were two rainbows. It was one of the best rainbows I’ve ever seen, with the exception of not finding the pot of gold.

. . . → Read More: Rainbow!

Oil Change List for Toyota Sienna

This is a list of items I use for changing the oil for our 2004 Toyota Sienna. I’ll add to it as I get some pictures (at some point).

Sienna takes nearly one whole 5 Qt jug of Mobil One.

Oil: Mobil One Synthetic 5W30, 75K High Mileage, 5 Qt Oil Filter: Fram PH3614 -> . . . → Read More: Oil Change List for Toyota Sienna

Oil Change for 2006 Honda Ridgeline

I am a little stubborn and got to changing my oil a few years back and do it for 2 reasons.

The quick-change places tend to over-tighten the oil plug and strip out the threads of the oil pan. They conveniently asked me to fix the problem for about $200. Thanks for your concern. This . . . → Read More: Oil Change for 2006 Honda Ridgeline

Ask Vic Question Posted!

Ahh, hahaha… I got a question posted to Ask Vic on the website. Hahahaha…

In case the article is taken down, here’s the question:

Mark from Fremont, CA

I’d bet a thing vs. a beer that our esteemed friends of “Ask Vic” cannot pick the first draft pick Ted takes. Ted’s too good and . . . → Read More: Ask Vic Question Posted!

Atahualpa Excerpt Gallery Display Work-Around

Quick note on the gallery excerpt display with the WordPress Atahualpa Theme. This is a followup to my previous post.

One work-around is to place a single picture in the post and then the gallery after that picture. When the blog post is condensed for the excerpt view, I have found that it will stop . . . → Read More: Atahualpa Excerpt Gallery Display Work-Around

Hikvision Cameras from AliExpress for Zoneminder

For my Zoneminder install, I bought 2 POE (Power Over Internet) HikVision cameras to try from I received a $5 discount because I spent over $125 so the whole total for 2 cameras was less than $180. Pretty good deal considering prices for similar cameras were $120 and $150 each for $270 total. . . . → Read More: Hikvision Cameras from AliExpress for Zoneminder