LinuxCNC Mach3 Breakout Board

bob breakout board plain image

There are plenty of Break out boards to choose from when setting up a CNC system. Here’s a very low lost CNC breakout board that can be had from ebay for about five bucks with free shipping from China. I have one on my demo/setup board (everyone needs one of those) and the board works . . . → Read More: LinuxCNC Mach3 Breakout Board

Grizzly G1550 8×18″ Lathe – Predecessor to G4000 9×20 Lathe

grizzly g1550 similar to the g4000 9x20 lathe

Earlier this year I bought a used G1550 lathe off Craigslist. It’s made in Taiwan versus the Grizzly G4000 that is currently available and made in China. Some might say the G1550 is better, but it’s all a matter of opinion and dependent on the condition of the lathe. Also, you’ll notice the 8×18″ vs. . . . → Read More: Grizzly G1550 8×18″ Lathe – Predecessor to G4000 9×20 Lathe

Useful 3d Printer Projects

Who says you only print toys with a 3D printer?

Here are a few examples of useful, practical 3D printer projects used around the home or the shop.

TOOL HOLDER – Organizer

I’m a big fan of the Stanley organizers because they’re stack-able and come in 2 different sizes. I have several of the organizers . . . → Read More: Useful 3d Printer Projects

Bandsaw Woes…

I had a minor problem running in for dinner with my Harbor Freight 4×6 bandsaw one evening. I had left the stock chucked in the bandsaw and it was sticking out of the threshold of the garage. When the garage door came down as I ran in for dinner, the garage door sent the band . . . → Read More: Bandsaw Woes…

LinuxCNC Joystick Pendant Control

I finally got my joystick controller setup for LinuxCNC and my mill. I put the setup into a Microsoft Word Doc and it can be downloaded here or viewed below… I copied this from John Thornton and others, but I used my notes and example so I could figure it out in 6 months or . . . → Read More: LinuxCNC Joystick Pendant Control

Mill & Lathe Coordinate System

This is from the manuals and sometimes I need reminding of the coordinate system used for a mill and definitely a lathe. I find this to be a good reference that I seem to misplace… I originally had a link to the linuxcnc documentation, but the links changed. Check out the website for . . . → Read More: Mill & Lathe Coordinate System

Supermax moving with LinuxCNC!

Finally! After several years of wanting to retro-fit my Supermax mill, here’s a simple video of motion using LinuxCNC.

I did have some issues Tuning and plan to update that at some point, but this was a success in it’s own (at least I thought so!).


LinuxCNC Rigid Tapping Encoder Mount??

I finally got my mill running and it would be a good idea to add an encoder to the spindle to use the rigid tapping feature in LinuxCNC. I really like Jon Elson’s method of putting Photo-eyes ‘in’ his Bridgeport head to monitor the speed & position of the bull gear, but that seems like . . . → Read More: LinuxCNC Rigid Tapping Encoder Mount??

Industrial Equipment Auction Services | Ashman Auctioneers

Industrial Equipment Auction Services | Ashman Auctioneers.

Hodge-podge of LinuxCNC Info

HTML File Archive for Manuals and Commands. GREAT SOURCE for info!

Arguments for using LinuxCNC: Great write-up for LinuxCNC by Viesturs on CNCZone. PCW (Peter Wallace from Mesa) also has some remarks earlier in the post.

Why RTLinux? Information not from LinuxCNC on real time OS info.

EMC Internals – This is a Great Graphical . . . → Read More: Hodge-podge of LinuxCNC Info