Anilam A10 Encoder Pinout Wiring similar to Anilam SENC 125?

I’m having trouble finding the pin-out for an Anilam A10 encoder. I’m researching retrofitting my SuperMax mill that is controlled by an Anilam Crusader M controller with LinuxCNC. Apparently, there are two versions of the A10 encoder, I have the one with a Red (and silver) sticker vs. a Black and Silver Encoder. The Anilam . . . → Read More: Anilam A10 Encoder Pinout Wiring similar to Anilam SENC 125?

Google Search Tips/Reminders

Google Search has many more features than simply entering search criteria. I put a few that I find useful here! Enter the search text into a google search box! You can find more search features at Google or Wikipedia.

Airline Search

Simply put in the Airline and flight number such as: Delta 1211

. . . → Read More: Google Search Tips/Reminders

Search various Machining Sites via Google

Here is a list of sites for machining that I find useful and a way to search them using the Google. This method is a Google search feature and can be used on ANY site. I have used it to search Allied Electronics ( with better success than their website search engine.

site: anilam . . . → Read More: Search various Machining Sites via Google

Max Not Feeling Well

The thread from practical machinist would not let me upload the documents so I have posted them here:



SUPERMAX Head related pages from manual below (Several pages): Supermax Head Related pages

SUPERMAX YCM-16VS FULL manual (Actually 2 Manuals back . . . → Read More: Max Not Feeling Well

Supermax YCM-16VS Manual

Here is Supermax YCM-16VS Manual in ONE FILE from

The manual is 18MB and I have yet to figure out how to have it download from firefox or Internet Explorer with the Download tool. When you click the link, a new tab will open (depending on version of web browser) and it will start . . . → Read More: Supermax YCM-16VS Manual

SuperMax Pics

Some Thank You’s!

Carlos from Speedway Machinery Moving was excellent. Let’s just say this wasn’t his first mill he moved.

Also, Thank You to Tim Podgwaite from the Practical Machinist forum for the Anilam manuals! I won’t get Max going without his help.

Pics of Max…

Hmpf, you clean up pretty well…