Useful Linux Commands for Xubuntu 2nd Ethernet Card Setup

This post is a list of Xubuntu Linux commands that helped me setup a second Ethernet Card with a static IP in Xubuntu. I used it for my Zoneminder security camera system and the blog post here has the specifics on the Xubuntu setup file and my hardware.


Check what network cards are . . . → Read More: Useful Linux Commands for Xubuntu 2nd Ethernet Card Setup

Zoneminder Installation

Zoneminder is an opensource security camera system that is configurable and scalable. For my home system, it’s probably overkill, however I feel learning how to install, setup, and use it will be advantageous for future installations and expand my general Linux capabilities. Here are my step by step instructions to install Zoneminder onto a Linux . . . → Read More: Zoneminder Installation

Millennium Falcon 3D Print

Who says 3d Printers aren’t useful for anything? The Millennium Falcon printed from thingyverse and the three layers epoxied together. It was printed at 1.5x scaling to make a larger Falcon!

. . . → Read More: Millennium Falcon 3D Print

Xubuntu & GRUB Installation WOES…

There’s a reason Linux is not prime-time for the general population. I spent hours and hours trying to re-install Xubuntu 14.04.4 LTS, amd64 because I either couldn’t mount the boot partition correctly or something… I seem to have this problem a lot and self-configuring doesn’t seem to work well. After an installation I mostly get . . . → Read More: Xubuntu & GRUB Installation WOES…

Prusa i3 3d Printer Build

This is a little post-dated, but here are shots of my finished Prusa i3 3d printer build. It was a kit from and went together pretty easily. I don’t recall exactly, but it was about $500 for the kit and another $100 from McMaster for all-thread and linear rails. It took as long to . . . → Read More: Prusa i3 3d Printer Build

Atahualpa Excerpt Gallery Settings

There seems to be an issue with the Atahualpa WordPress Theme with a gallery being displayed in an excerpt. The problem is that the excerpt shows ugly looking text like this:

#gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item {

Here’s an image from this page showing how poorly it looks in action:

I found . . . → Read More: Atahualpa Excerpt Gallery Settings

Shoutout to ext2fsd

Huge shoutout to ext2fsd!

Our family room TV computer would boot to GRUB and defaulted to the linux OS and we pretty much never used that and only used Win7. When I tried the normal method of modifying GRUB to change the default, I had one issue: The computer failed to boot . . . → Read More: Shoutout to ext2fsd

Hikvision Cameras from AliExpress for Zoneminder

For my Zoneminder install, I bought 2 POE (Power Over Internet) HikVision cameras to try from I received a $5 discount because I spent over $125 so the whole total for 2 cameras was less than $180. Pretty good deal considering prices for similar cameras were $120 and $150 each for $270 total. . . . → Read More: Hikvision Cameras from AliExpress for Zoneminder

Bandsaw Woes…

I had a minor problem running in for dinner with my Harbor Freight 4×6 bandsaw one evening. I had left the stock chucked in the bandsaw and it was sticking out of the threshold of the garage. When the garage door came down as I ran in for dinner, the garage door sent the band . . . → Read More: Bandsaw Woes…

LinuxCNC Joystick Pendant Control

I finally got my joystick controller setup for LinuxCNC and my mill. I put the setup into a Microsoft Word Doc and it can be downloaded here or viewed below… I copied this from John Thornton and others, but I used my notes and example so I could figure it out in 6 months or . . . → Read More: LinuxCNC Joystick Pendant Control