First Girzzly G1550 Lathe parts

small 1/2" hubes, 3mm diameter

Took too long but finally first parts off the Grizzly G1550 lathe! A made a trio of pulleys and some stand-offs for the Crock-pot.

The pulleys are for a spinner box bot for my son and the crock-pot stands off for my precious crock pot. Although, the darn crock pot designer should have to live . . . → Read More: First Girzzly G1550 Lathe parts

LinuxCNC Mach3 Breakout Board

bob breakout board plain image

There are plenty of Break out boards to choose from when setting up a CNC system. Here’s a very low lost CNC breakout board that can be had from ebay for about five bucks with free shipping from China. I have one on my demo/setup board (everyone needs one of those) and the board works . . . → Read More: LinuxCNC Mach3 Breakout Board

Aluminum Extrusion Saw Blade (IE 8020, item, IPS parframe, misumi etc)

Here’s an aluminum extrusion saw blade that will work well:

Grizzly G1550 8×18″ Lathe – Predecessor to G4000 9×20 Lathe

grizzly g1550 similar to the g4000 9x20 lathe

Earlier this year I bought a used G1550 lathe off Craigslist. It’s made in Taiwan versus the Grizzly G4000 that is currently available and made in China. Some might say the G1550 is better, but it’s all a matter of opinion and dependent on the condition of the lathe. Also, you’ll notice the 8×18″ vs. . . . → Read More: Grizzly G1550 8×18″ Lathe – Predecessor to G4000 9×20 Lathe