www.cb750c.com Signature Picture Attachment

Since I’m a proud new owner of a cb750c Honda Motorcycle, I needed to join a few forums to learn how to work on it!

However, I struggled setting up the image in my signature on the www.cb750c.com forum and it turned out to be a bit of BBcode, which is basically HTML, but apparently not.  Here’s the page that helped me:  http://www.bbcode.org/examples/?id=10

Here’s how simple it turned out:

Mark –> 1981 CB750C

Notes for Signature Setup

Before you can edit your signature to include a photo, you need to host your photo ‘somewhere’ else and not on the forum, per their instructions.  I hosted my photo on this blog, but I could have done it on pastebin, google photos, photobucket, amazon s3, etc…  You just need a link to it and you’re set.  My link is:  http://www.ijohnsen.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/cb750c-Pic-craigslist-214×120.png

I took some screen shots of the account setup so that I could recall the text and post it here quickly:

This is the profile setup page:

cb750c signature editing screenshot

This is a zoom in of the signature text added:

cb750c dot com signature editing screen shot close up

Here’s the finished product of the signature from below the “Thanks,”:

signature image screenshot

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