First Girzzly G1550 Lathe parts

Took too long but finally first parts off the Grizzly G1550 lathe!  A made a trio of pulleys and some stand-offs for the Crock-pot.

The pulleys are for a spinner box bot for my son and the crock-pot stands off for my precious crock pot.  Although, the darn crock pot designer should have to live with everything in his house ‘rocking’ from being unbalanced because the first foot broke shortly after I bought the crock pot and we’ve set it on a book or propped it up ever since.  You can see what it looks like in the photos, I had to break the last one to get it off.  But, you’ll see the shiny new feet.   I should’ve made them out of plastic, next time…  Although, next time I’ll buy some pre-made stand-offs and be done w/ it…

small 1/2" hubes, 3mm diameter

finished crock pot!crock pot showing old and new stand offs.stand-offs standing naked

In case someone doubts that the parts above came from the lathe, here’s the lathe sprinkled w/ chips.  You can’t be sure if it was actually run to produce the above or not!  hahaha!

g1550 grizzly lathe with chips. lathe similar to g4000.

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