Oil Change for 2006 Honda Ridgeline

I am a little stubborn and got to changing my oil a few years back and do it for 2 reasons.

  1.  The quick-change places tend to over-tighten the oil plug and strip out the threads of the oil pan.  They conveniently asked me to fix the problem for about $200.  Thanks for your concern.  This happened on BOTH of my previous cars.
  2. I can change the oil myself with full-synthetic oil for about the same price as a non-synthetic oil change at a quick-change place.   A 5-Quart bottle of synthetic oil is about $25 from Walmart.  Where an oil change at a quick-change place for synthetic will run you $50 (probably more).

This blog post mostly has tips and notes that I use for changing the oil, oil filter, and air filters.  Mind you, many of the cars want the dealer or a trained technician to change the air filter.  Please…

List of Materials for 2006 Honda Ridgeline

Oil:  Mobil One Synthetic 5W20, 75K High Mileage, 5 Qt
Oil Filter:  Fram  TG7317 -> Extra guard
Air Filter:  Fram CA10015

Ridgeline Oil Plug Socket:  17mm  –>  HARD TO GET OFF.  Use 1/2″ drive ratchet and Harbor Freight 17mm Socket.
Ridgeline Air Filter Socket:  Med-Large Philips screw Driver or 5/16″ (8mm) socket if needed.  

Ridgeline Oil Filter Removal:  Small Oil Filter ‘socket’, MED 1/4″ drive extension, 1/4″ socket.
Note:  Oil plug and oil filter are left side.  Oil filter is near passenger side front wheel.  (I’ll try to get a picture at some point – sorry)

I put the car up on ramps just outside of the garage.  Makes for a fairly level car and nice area to work so I’m not too cramped:


I’ll put cardboard down underneath the oil change area (not shown).  Also, I use the larger type oil pan.  I had the smaller one in the 2nd image below and when draining oil, the wind or simply the oil sticking to the outlet on the oil pan causes the stream to change position and you totally miss the opening.  Here’s a link I found of people complaining about both oil pans, the larger one needs to have the yellow plug opened to allow air into the pan or it will back up.  Also, take out the center piece.  I use those when storing so oil I can’t pour out won’t get everywhere.


Oil Pan I use

71 oilpan no work

Oil Pan I used to use – too small!

The oil I use and the amount I put in last time I filled the engine.


Air Filter

When changing the air filter, it can be done w/ a philips #2 screwdriver, or as was the last time I did it, I needed a 5/16″ ratchet w/ a medium long extension to break the screws loose.  Needless to say, it was time to change the air filter and long overdue.

20160327_151705 20160327_150917 20160327_150900 20160327_15082320160327_150834

Ridgeline Oil Change Honda Manual

Ridgeline Oil Change manual

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