Oil Change List for Toyota Sienna

This is a list of items I use for changing the oil for our 2004 Toyota Sienna.  I’ll add to it as I get some pictures (at some point).

Sienna takes nearly one whole 5 Qt jug of Mobil One.

Oil:  Mobil One Synthetic 5W30, 75K High Mileage, 5 Qt
Oil Filter:  Fram PH3614 -> Extra guard
Air Filter:  Fram CA9360
Cabin Filter:  Fram CF9846A (not every time – too expensive)

Sienna Oil Plug Socket:  14mm
Sienna Air Filter Socket:  10mm with Medium extension

NOTE:  The air filter is on right side of engine compartment to the ‘left’ of the first ‘black’ box.  It has TWO 10mm screws on the right end, one in front and one behind, again need the med extension to get at it.  Awful design in that regard.
NOTE:  Oil Plug and Filter are on ‘Left’ side of van (standing in front of car looking at engine).  Oil filter is front of engine, left of center.  Also, the oil filter is a tricky one to change, use the Blue Funnel w/ plastic tubing to keep oil from getting ‘everywhere.’

Brake Kits for 2004 Sienna

Brake kits for PADS & ROTORS:
FRONT BRAKES:  Autospecialty KOE5438
REAR BRAKES:  Autospecialty KOE5498

Brake Pads ONLY:
REAR BRAKES:  Power Stop 17995 (17-995)  Rock Auto or their generic Monroe link.

I have no affiliation w/ the brake manufacturer or the vendor, but rockauto.com and amazon.com sell them.  Rock Auto might be less expensive, but their shipping is more.  One note is that amazon erroneously has ‘front’ associated w/ the 5498 part number which is really confusing.  And, the amazon page for the part doesn’t explicitly say front or back, so it’s confusing.  A front set is KOE5438, just for clarification.

I have used the Autospecialty brand of pads and rotors for the front brakes on my 2006 Ridgeline and they seem to hold up so far.  I’ll update once I get some more miles on them…  I saw some Callahan pads and rotors, but don’t have any experience with them.  I noticed the Callahan set didn’t have some of the brackets that you had to buy separately for about $10, so I went w/ the Autospecialty.

HID Lights for Sienna XLE

I had fixed the HID light by installing a new ballast.  HIDFIX had a ballast that worked and has been working over a year.  I got the part off ebay:  http://www.ebay.com/sch/genuinexenon/m.html

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