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Paper Airplane Instructo’s

paper airplane image

Every once-in-awhile we want to make a paper airplane. Here’s some designs that fly pretty well.

Click this link : How to Make a Boomerang Paper Airplane

Or, two Youtube videos to help:


Aluminum Extrusion Saw Blade (IE 8020, item, IPS parframe, misumi etc)

Here’s an aluminum extrusion saw blade that will work well:

Wildcards for Gmail Filters

image of gmail filter

I wanted to create a Gmail filter to apply a label from anyone from a particular company and wasn’t sure if gmail used wildcards or not. Lifehacker had a nice article on gmail filters and of course, their last tid-bit was on wildcards. So, yes, gmail uses wildcards in their filters.

Example: If the emails . . . → Read More: Wildcards for Gmail Filters

Bird Feeder in Alleyway

picture of bird feeder off fence

I’ve had this bird feeder up for quite some time now and it’s worked well. The birds are picky little things and will pick through the feed until they get what they want, which means much of the seed ends up in the alley way. But, that’s what the Morning Doves, squirrels, and other birds . . . → Read More: Bird Feeder in Alleyway

Nato Phonetic Alphabet

Alpha niner bravo image

The Nato Phonetic Alphabet straight from wikipedia. I posted it so I have it handy… Signature Picture Attachment

cb750C Motorcycle Pix

Since I’m a proud new owner of a cb750c Honda Motorcycle, I needed to join a few forums to learn how to work on it!

However, I struggled setting up the image in my signature on the forum and it turned out to be a bit of BBcode, which is basically HTML, but apparently . . . → Read More: Signature Picture Attachment

Honda CB750C 81-82 Mongrel!

cb750C Motorcycle Pix

Ummm, this was something I wanted to do for a long time and it appeared that the ‘right’ bike came along, so I’m a proud owner of a 1981 & 1982 Mongrel Honda CB750C. I had to goto the forums to figure out what this bike actually was and what it turns out to be . . . → Read More: Honda CB750C 81-82 Mongrel!

Fresh HOPS!

Here’s one project I can do without… But, I think we’ll try to grow some hops in the front yard.

Here’s the ‘before’ shot on March 31, 2016. My wife likes this picture the best, I think:

I plan to run a couple plants parallel across the front yard and have the lanyards (??) . . . → Read More: Fresh HOPS!

Grizzly G1550 8×18″ Lathe – Predecessor to G4000 9×20 Lathe

grizzly g1550 similar to the g4000 9x20 lathe

Earlier this year I bought a used G1550 lathe off Craigslist. It’s made in Taiwan versus the Grizzly G4000 that is currently available and made in China. Some might say the G1550 is better, but it’s all a matter of opinion and dependent on the condition of the lathe. Also, you’ll notice the 8×18″ vs. . . . → Read More: Grizzly G1550 8×18″ Lathe – Predecessor to G4000 9×20 Lathe

Warriors NBA Trophy

nba trophy at warriors game

I had the pleasure of going to a Warriors game during the 2015-2016 season when they were NBA Champions and the suite next to the one I was in had the NBA trophy! Some guy TOOK my phone and then took those pix… Sweet…

Oh, and yes we went to the game:

. . . → Read More: Warriors NBA Trophy