Ridgeline Jack Positions (IE Lift and Support Points)

There are usually 6 positions to jack up a car, the 4 sides by each tire and one each for front and rear axle (or close to it).  Couple of notes about jacking up a Honda Ridgeline, there are many complaints at the Ridgeline Owners Club website that the standard bottle jack with the truck doesn’t lift high enough.  This reader mentioned that an 18″ lifting floor jack from Harbor Freight works fine.   Also, the existing OEM bottle jack when extended looks ‘precarious’ as though it’s going to break and drop the truck.  Many owners dislike it and would rather not use it.

Here’s the Honda info regarding Lift and Support Points

Ridgeline jack positionsridgeline jack positions 2

Jack Position Images

The FRONT Jack Position:

ridgeline jack position front of truck

The REAR Jack Position:

Ridgeline jack position rear

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