Infinity Switch for Samsung FTQ353IWUX Stove-top

I’m sure some marketing ding-bat came up with the term infinity switch.  I didn’t know there was such a thing until I started researching the stove top issue we had, which was the two right burners would only stay on high, no matter what setting you turned the knob.

Turn the knob to Low, and the heat would be High.  Turn the knob to Med, and the heat would be High.  Turn the knob to High, and well, this is redundant.

My wife complained because she had to become the infinity switch turning the knob on and off to control the heat.

I did some searching and bought two DIFFERENT switches.  This is key because the rear burner is a small burner and the front burner is a small/large combo burner.  So, you need TWO different infinity switches.  Makes sense, but I didn’t realize that until after I submitted an offer for two similar switches on Ebay.  Thank goodness for the retract option.

I bought one switch from EBAY and one from AMAZON because they had the best prices.
DG44-01001A from EBAY

parts imageFinding the parts took some work, the best way I found was to google “FTQ353IWUX Parts” and clicking the link.  It showed exploded view drawings of the entire stove.  By clicking on the appropriate assembly (picture) I was able to track down the part numbers above!!!  Nice…

BTW, you can read the awful ratings for the Samsung  FTQ353IWUX stove on Amazon here!  Fortunately, we have been lucky and no fires or issues other than the infinity switches.




1.  Slide the Range out from the wall.  UNPLUG IT!!!  Clean up all the gunk on the floor, sides, and back with the vacuum and a damp rag.  Good job for the kids to build character.
infinity switch tools

Philips Screw driver (medium to large size)
Straight Blade screw driver (med)
Pliers (small to med)
Beer (this could be important for many)
Infinity switches as listed above

3.  Take off the back panel, see before and after pictures below.  Remove 5 screws circled in first picture.

4.  Now, I take off the burner handle on the front by pulling it away from the stove top.  You can also remove the 2 screws that hold the switch to the front panel.


5.  Check that the new Infinity Switch fits the knob.  For mine, the metal tab that applies pressure to the knob was too flat and allowed the knob to slide on/off too easily.  So, I used a flat-bladed screw driver to pop it off and small pliers to bend it and put a kink in the long flat piece.  That worked great, took a little futzing.


6.  I took pictures of the existing infinity switch wiring incase I messed something up, but I pulled off each wire and immediately placed it on the new switch.  I held them together as close as was comfortable without pulling on the wires too hard.  Many of the tabs I needed to pull off with a small pliers and many were loose when placed on the new switch.  Use a pliers to lightly squish the tab prongs ‘down’ to fit the receiving flat tab on the new switch.  I don’t have a picture of the tab, but you can lightly (don’t break it) squeeze the female tab part down to make it grip firmer.

20160321_16424320160321_16422820160321_163856 20160321_163612

7.  I don’t have any more pictures, but once you have the wires on the new switch, insert it back into the front panel and tighten in place with the 2 screws you previously removed.  Do the same with a second switch as necessary.  I would recommend putting the back cover on now and the knobs.  Plug in the stove and see if the burners turn on.  Then, turn the burners off quickly so the stove top doesn’t get too hot.  Carefully, push your stove back and time for oyster stew:-)

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