Shoutout to ext2fsd

Huge shoutout to ext2fsd!

Our family room TV computer would boot to GRUB and defaulted to the linux OS and we pretty much never used that and only used Win7. When I tried the normal method of modifying GRUB to change the default, I had one issue: The computer failed to boot into linux!! Or, maybe it booted to linux but I couldn’t see anything on a monitor…

So, how do you edit the grub files when you can’t see what’s going on in the linux? I suppose I could SSH in? But, wasn’t setup and wasn’t sure if I could get that to work, I don’t recall any of the passwords associated with the linux install.

So, I tried ext2fsd and accessed the ext2 filesystem for linux and modified the files from WINDOWS!! Notepad++ was better than the basic windows notepad, but it worked!! I opened notepad++ as an administrator, navigated to the correct files, modified them, and saved.

Why was I not able to access linux? I’m not 100% sure to be honest, but I think maybe I installed Linux and then installed a separate video card and I think linux didn’t have the correct drivers/setup for the video card. I tried another VGA monitor, but that didn’t work because I probably had some setting in the BIOS to look at the external video card.

All is good now, with the exception of a ‘dead’ linux install that I should take care of, but at this point the PC works as it should and I’m happy!

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