Stump Removal

Ugh – Stump Removal.  Not an easy job.

We had some trees that ‘just started growing’ in the back yard and it was time to find a place for at least one of them, which means the stump in the front yard had to go.  I had secretly hoped the stump would take care of itself, but com’on, that never happens.  I looked at filling the stump w/ chemicals, but having kids and a dog, I steered away from that and rented a Stump Grinder.  HooHAA!  Machines that destroy things!!

Technique – Lesson’s Learned

When I rented the stump grinder, the rental technician suggested that I put on the brake for the wheels and go at the stump.  However, I couldn’t move the spinning wheel around well enough and abandoned the brake quickly.

When I first started, I would drop the spinning wheel onto the top of the stump, hoping to see it disappear.  However, the spinning wheel simply started smoking as it burned the stump and left a black mark and groove in the top of the stump, this was going to take awhile.  Finally, I figured out if you come into the stump from the SIDE and not the TOP, it grinds and chews the stump.  This is because the spinning flywheel has large tongs on it’s right-side that you want to move into the stump.  Once I figured that out, the stump disappear a lot faster!!

Job Done

About $100 bucks later and a sore back, arms, and core, I ground that stump out of there.  And, we got the new tree planed.  So far so good!!  Just need to finish some landscaping and we’re done:-)


And Finally, the new TREE:


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