Toyota 2004 to 2010 Jack Stand Positions

Don’t use a wimpy jack stand!!  Ugh…  2 ton Jack stands are scary!  I suppose they work great for a ’69 VW Bug, but not so much for a 2004 minivan.

From the manual, where to jack up and support your Toyota, note the 2WD or 4WD versions have different jack points in the rear:

2004-2010 Sienna Jack Instructions PDF

Also, some other good jacking info for the Sienna:

Here’s the Sienna being popped up, you’ll notice small 2 ton jack stands on one side and large beefy ones on the other.  I much prefer the beefy ones.  Oh, I need to get some sort of support to fit the groove in the frame of the car.  Why the jack stands don’t have that cut into them, I don’t understand why?

sienna jack stand image sidesienna jack stand imagewimpy jack stand 2 ton image

Note the 2 ton jack stand image and how it’s on wood blocks.  If it wasn’t for the wood blocks, they wouldn’t be TALL enough.  If you look at the other side of the car, there are beefy heavy, maybe 6 ton jack stands (guessing, they’re massive) and they’re on almost their lowest setting compared to the highest setting on the 2 ton jack stand.  Get good jack stands!!!

Here’s an image of the 4WD jack stand positions from the PDF above:

image from manual of sienna 4wd jack positions

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