Why Honey Bees Make Great Pets!

I personally don’t have any Honey Bees as a pet, but if you think about how nice of a pet they could be, I think you’ll agree.

1. They are furry.

2.  They can lift 300 times their body weight, which could come in handy when moving furniture or doing odd jobs around the house.  “Hey, can you move the dresser over there?”

3.  The produce wonderful, natural, life supplying HONEY!!  Oh, I love honey.

4.  Pollination.  Yup, that’s a good thing, for sure.

5.  Training:  If the honey bees could be trained, think of the possibilities?  Guard (attack) bees.  Odd jobs around the house – after moving the dresser, please take out the trash?  Oh, and then the neighbor kids trampled my lawn, can you buzz around their heads for a few minutes and tell them how much I appreciate their kindness?

6.  I don’t seem to see any honey bees out of their hive at night, so you can sleep in peace.  Although, the guard bees will have to work swing and grave shifts to cover any intruders.

I really don’t know too much about honey bees and you can find more info here from Texas A&M University.  It seems others see Honey Bees in a different light:-(


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