Will.I.Am Custom Car

Whoa – I like custom cars and I really like ‘old’ style customs like Excaliburs.  Here’s a car I ran across and apparently owned by Will.I.Am, love the long snout on it!

I like the flat looking blue paint, which is a little different.  And, then it looks like a car from a cartoon, but it exudes lavish and luxury.  Yeow!!

blue custom car

April 22, 2013: Will.i.am shows off his $900,000 custom made car to taxi drivers and his own colleagues outside a recording studio in Los Angeles, California today.
Mandatory Credit: Karl Larsen/INFphoto.com Ref: infusla-52|sp|

I found this link that talks more indepth in the process of building:  http://jalopnik.com/exclusive-will-i-ams-900-000-one-of-a-kind-car-is-ac-299528633

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