Windshield Wiper Performance Comparison

Last year, I bought three different brands of windshield wipers for my wife’s minivan and my vehicle.  I put on her driver’s side a Bosch (most $$$$) wiper and on the passenger side a Rain X ($$$) wiper.  On the driver side of my vehicle I put on a Rain X ($$$) and the passenger side a Michelin ($$) wiper.

Well, my Michelin wiper is still on, but yesterday I replaced the Rain X for an ARCO (the least expensive $) because the Rain X wiper was not working well.  I would have put on a Michelin, but the Walmart we were at was all out of Michelin wipers (no surprise).  So I had my choice between ARCO ($), RainX ($$$) or more $$$$ brands.  I went w/ the $5 Arco figuring when it goes bad, I’ll get a Michelin again.

I would stay away from the RainX wipers and go w/ the Michelin.  I’m not affiliated with any of these companies and am passing along my experience.


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