Xubuntu & GRUB Installation WOES…

There’s a reason Linux is not prime-time for the general population.  I spent hours and hours trying to re-install Xubuntu 14.04.4 LTS, amd64 because I either couldn’t mount the boot partition correctly or something…  I seem to have this problem a lot and self-configuring doesn’t seem to work well.   After an installation I mostly get a grub_rescue> command prompt or twice a flashing cursor.  The grub_rescue errors and says that I’m trying to read outside of hd0, or something to that effect.  When I try various fixes from the internet, it seems they work 3/4 of the way and then I get something different.  That was the same for other examples, they had step by step, but then my step isn’t there or my error isn’t there and ultimately it didn’t work.

What I think the root cause is that when I boot, the grub files can’t be found correctly.  I read that you need to reinstall them and the best way to do that is to wipe the grub_bios partition that has to be ‘first’ in your partition list.   The order should something like:  grub_bios, ext4 (used by linux OS and you), linux SWAP.

I got to a point where people were asking about harddrive size with an old BIOS or they unplugged their USB Mouse and then it worked.  My only comment was that I had a full Xubuntu install and I’m trying to re-install and get back to a fresh install.  It shouldn’t be my mouse or harddrive because I had it working fine.


Here are some of the sites I went to try and fix my issues:




I really liked this guys site, but the problem I had was that I got different screens/results and in the end it didn’t work:  https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/reinstallation

Same guy as the link before and same issue, not everything the same:  https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/partitioning


Didn’t use this, but probably should have:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing


SCREEN SHOTS of partitioning and formatting that I tried on 7 different tries that I recorded.  I tried at least 5x the day before:-(

ATTEMPT 1: RESULT grub_rescue

gparted partitioning v0 20160318

ATTEMPT 2: RESULT grub_rescue

gparted partitioning v1 20160318

gparted partitioning v1.1 20160318

ATTEMPT 3: RESULT grub_rescue

gparted partitioning v2 20160318gparted partitioning v2.1 20160318

ATTEMPT 4: RESULT Black screen Flashing Cursor

gparted partitioning v3 20160318gparted partitioning v3.1 20160318

ATTEMPT 5: RESULT grub_rescue

gparted partitioning v4 20160318

ATTEMPT 6: RESULT (I think) Black screen flashing cursor:-(

gparted partitioning v5 20160318gparted partitioning v5.1 20160318gparted partitioning v5.2 20160318


First I loaded the “Try Ubuntu” from the install disk and wiped the partitions to look like this.  I only put the main ext4 partition at 60MB because I was erroneously worried about the BIOS having issues reading a large 3TB hard disk.

gparted partitioning v6 20160218

When I installed from the install disk, I didn’t use the “Something Else” and used the LVM option.  This wsa the first time I used the LVM option so I don’t know if that fixed my issue or if the partitioning and using the Erase disk option fixed my problme:-(  Something to try.

gparted partitioning v6.1 install 20160218gparted partitioning v6.2 install 20160218

Now that it works, the gparted partitions look like this:

partion results 20160319

One comment is that I find the ‘unknown’ file system to be confusing because it cannot be totally ‘unknown’ if the FLAGs column has bios_grub.

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